Battery Charger 50Hz
Three-Phase COMPACT 3000

The battery chargers of the Compact 3000 series are designed to recharge medium – large capacity traction and start leadacid batteries.

These battery chargers are the result of the fourty-year experience in the field of battery chargers, in the application of microprocessor control systems which constanly monitorize the basic parameters that assure a correct operation and therefore safeguard the battery’s life.

Technical Characteristics

3x400V three-phase supply – 3x220V (with possibility to request voltages different from the standard ones, single phase available on request), adjustable to ± 5% or (± 10%).
Microprocessor-controlled programming and measuring via digital gearcase. Such microprocessor control is designed to optimize the charging cycles for any type of battery.
230V coil three-pole contactor.
D.C. fuse on rectifier output.
Delta-star stray flux three-phase power transformer class H; impregnated in autoclave with ecological epoxy resins, with thermocouples for disconnection due to maximum temperature.
Three-phase rectifier bridge with silicon diodes, natural cooling, with snubber protection.
Mains input and d.c. output polarized cables.
Modular installation on galvanized steel base.
Sheet steel case with modular panels so as to assure maximum accessibility in case of service.
Epoxy powder coating, oven-baked.
Standard colour: RAL 2002 Red.
New lexan plate with charging data very easy to understand.
Equalized recall push button (Optional automatic version).
“ON – OFF” push button.
Option to adjust the charging time from 90 to 210 minutes.
Option to adjust the threshold voltage from 2.3 to 2.4 V/cell.
Equalization charge timed.
Led signaling charging phases or result.
Short check of functions and times.
Lab-tested electronic circuit conforming to the directive on electomagnetic compatibility and CE marking.
Automatic disconnection of battery charger due to battery disconnection.
Custom-made colour.
Custom-made logo and silk-screen printing.
Assembly of plugs and battery connectors on request (not included).

“Wa” characteristic
(din 41774)

The charging curve of this model is the Wa (decreasing current charge) is compliant with DIN 41774.

The Wa charging curve, is features by a downward trend of the charging current when the battery voltage increases, therefore it takes constant power.

To obtain a suitable charge of the battery, the charger must be able to provide a charging curve as faithful as possible to the theoretical charging curve, which provides an initial charging current equal to 16% of the battery capacity, and a declining trend. With this kind of charger with standard curve Wa (DIN 41774), it is necessary to determine the charging current required, by calculating the 16% in ampere hours (Ah) of the capacity of the battery (for example: for a 600Ah battery, using a charger with 100A).