Battery chargers for industrial traction batteries

Powergen, a company with many years of experience, is the division of Futura Batterie specialized in the production of single-phase, three-phase and high-frequency industrial battery charger rectifiers for forklifts and forklift trucks.

The Company, established in 1940, is an historical reality which in its history has always pursued a constant technological adaptation without ever abandoning the commitment with which it uses its own resources.


The main company activity is to supply technologically advanced products with specialized and dedicated hardware and software, suitable for solving the problems of recharging all types of batteries, with particular attention to the quality of product processing.

These feautures as well as a valid management structure have led Powergen to be today an authoritative reality highly accredited and recognized by the major manufacturers of forklift trucks in Italy and wordwide.


Powergen is known and appreciated all over the world for the high quality of its products which are able to optimize the life of forklift batteries, recharging them in the shortest possible time and avoiding energy waste.

One of Powergen’s greatest strengths is the supply chain full management.

Powergen has always paid particular attention to the production of its products in all processes: from the production of the semi-finished product to the final and functional testing of the product.

The full control over manufacturing process is because Powergen has the whole supply chain productions in one only factory.

This way it is possible to cut down on all possible production mistakes.

Powergen is one of the few companies in the world that can create and develop transformers independently within the same production site.

This way, the technical department can verify, with a systematic and detailed manner, the quality and conformity of each of its products at each stage of the production process.

Thanks to its consolidated, dynamic and streamlined organization, Powergen guarantees a high quality products.

The products are customizable on specific customer request.

In addition to technical customizations such as the supply voltage, Powergen battery chargers can also be customized in the color of the box or with the application of the customer’s logo.


Futura Batterie and Powergen are now a global major energy industry reference with a clear mission: providing technologically advanced industrial answers and solutions in order to solve problems related to charging all types of traction batteries, with a focus on products quality.