Battery Charger Single-Phase 230VAC HF 1, 2, 3 Kw

Battery Charger characterized by compact wall-mounted designs and significantly higher electrical performances.

Shorter recharge time, saving energy and a reduction of the batteries temperature during the cycle, which helps prolong the life of the batteries. High production yield.

These high frequency battery chargers are suitable for cyclic charging of lead and/or GEL batteries.

Technical Characteristics

  • Switching battery charger with microprocessor controlled high frequency (HF) technology
  • Single-phase 230Vac power supply
  • Luminous display for signaling the charging phases
  • Possibility to select Pb or GEL curves
  • “Soft start” mode and display of the charging cycle
  • Electronic protections
  • Inner self contained ventilation through forced air
  • Efficiency >90%
  • Input cable and polarized output cables

Available Models (1-2-3-Kw)

  • 24V-30A 230Vac
  • 24V-40A 230Vac
  • 24V-100A 230Vac
  • Other voltages availables upon order

Box Dimensions

  • 280x125x85 mm
  • 305x135x95 mm
  • 350x175x85 mm